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Nigerian chicken stew (stew nigerian de pui)

Nigerian chicken stew (stew nigerian de pui)

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Aceasta mancare se face la noi in casa saptamanal. Sotul meu face de obiceim :P si mama hotarat sa va dau si voua reteta. Poate va place:)

  • 6 pulpe de pui si 6 copanele
  • 2 cutii de rosii decojite
  • un ardei rosu mare
  • 2 cepe mici
  • chilli cat de iute doriti
  • sare, piper, cimbru,
  • 2 cubulete maggi pui

Portii: -

Timp de preparare: sub 90 minute

MOD DE PREPARARE RETETA Nigerian chicken stew (stew nigerian de pui):

Se fierbe puiul ca pentru supa, cu vegeta si cimbru. De obicei il gatesc cu o seara inainte. NU se fierbe prea mult, riscati sa se imprastie in sos. Supa de pe pui se va folosi la sfarsitul sosului de rosii.

Intr-un blender se pun cutiile de rosii, ardeiul rosu, chilli si cepele. Se blendeaza ff bine. INtr-o oala adanca se pune ulei la incins cat sa acopere fundul oalei. Cand e foarte fierbinte uleiul se pune sosul de rosii cu mare atentie ca sare peste tot!!!

Se fierbe pana scade bine invartind din cand in cand. Cand a scazut se pune puiul si jumatate din supa de pui. Se serveste cu orez

Tomato originated in South America, technically a fruit, they are a good source of antioxidant. Vitamins K, C, potassium, and folate. Some health benefits of tomato include the promotion of heart health, and skin health, also, studies have shown the link between tomato and low incidences of certain cancers. Therefore, tomatoes are a must for this recipe!

Bell peppers.

On the other hand, fresh bell peppers are equally significant source of vitamins and minerals. Like the tomato, bell peppers are said to have originated from South and Central America. For this dish, I love using different colors of bell peppers including the green ones. Bell peppers are enriched with vitamins A, B6, C, E, and K1, as well as folate, potassium, etc., these peppers are particularly useful for the prevention of anemia it helps with absorption of iron in the body. Additionally, red peppers play a significant role when it comes to eye health. This is because the compounds found in bell peppers can protect the retina from oxidative damage among other things.


Generally speaking, onion is an essential component of this dish, and it makes it more delicious and nutritious. In the meantime, here is the list of what you gain by eating lots of onion: great for the bone, regulates blood sugar, and reduced risk of certain cancers. Some of the vitamins and minerals found in onions are vitamins C, B6, folate, and potassium. As well as other compounds such as anthocyanin, thiosulfinates, and other compounds. It is important to realize that red (or purple) onions, and yellow onions are richer in antioxidants than white onions. Click To Tweet

Nigerian Chicken Stew

Nigerian chicken stew is a delightful West African stew made with chicken thighs and simmered in a savory sauce made with tomatoes and peppers. It is so versatile and can be eaten with many different dishes!

Like my beef stew recipe, this chicken stew is bold and spicy and pairs very well with various dishes. In Nigeria, it is quite common to have a pot of beef or chicken stew in your fridge at any point in time. It makes meal prep a breeze and you can easily whip up a complete nutritious lunch or dinner in no time.

This African stew is quite spicy, but there are ways to cut down on the heat. But if you love spicy foods, this chicken stew will be right up your alley!

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Nigerian lazy chef(live, life, love)

Hi. my name is Nma. I am quirky, and what you would call a nerd. As a growing girl, I disliked ‘going into the kitchen’ because I was so ‘lazy’. In fact, my laziness when it came to cooking could be said to have superseded epic proportions! At a point all I could cook was ‘jollof supergetti’ for my brothers. While my father was alive (may GOD rest his soul), he used to have me make him fresh, oil-less okra soup and boy did I hate it! As the years went by, I started falling in love with art. And the necessity to cook for others, and myself, pushed me to look for ways to rustle up simple but delicious meals. From then, I became more interested in cooking and started developing recipes. I now see cooking as an art, and I consider it my own contribution to the arts in general. Cooking has inspired my project - “Dine Africa”, which is set to show Africa’s culinary culture and exotic cuisines alongside its wide variety of ethnic nationalities, cultures and enormous land mass. Please join me as I celebrate the arts through African (Nigerian) cooking and through my mother’s recipes (some of which I tweaked to fit my choices). I shall also share some easy kitchen tips for the ‘lazy’ cooks like me. Join me as we celebrate food, love and life. Dine Africa with me. Blessings.

Cooking Directions

  1. When you are happy that the tomatoes in your tomato stew are well-fried, pour out the excess oil as I did in the video below.
  2. Place the pot of tomato stew back on the stove and add the chicken stock (water from cooking the chicken). There may be tiny pieces of bones at the bottom so be careful not to add those.
  3. Add the chilli pepper and the grilled chicken and beef. Stir very well and add salt if necessary. You can also add some water at this point if the stew is too thick.
  4. Cover the pot and cook at medium heat till the contents of the pot is well steamed. Stir again and you are done.
  5. That's how to prepare the best Nigerian Beef & Chicken stew.

Use the beef and chicken stew to eat White Rice, Fried Plantain, Boiled Plantain, Fried Yam, Boiled yam and Agidi. Some people even add it to their Egusi Soup!

Video: GULASZ UKRAIŃSKI. Gulasz z kurczaka z warzywami fit, bez śmietany. Gulasz drobiowy na szybko (Iunie 2022).


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